Tom Mount

I try to tackle most jobs around the house that I feel confident I can do. Our daughter had sent us over some good quality wool rugs to replace an older carpet that we had on a stair case.

Having striped off the old carpet that was nailed and stapled down; saving it as a pattern to work to. I started to replace it the first piece along the landing was easy, but when it came to the stair case I knew I was going to have a pile of carpet cut perhaps fitted but probably ruined!

It was then that my wife called out that a carpet fitter was advertising in Etcetera, what a stroke of luck. I contacted Paul Marshall explained my problem Saturday he called had look at the job, gave me an estimate explained how he would do the work. Monday morning we had our stairs fitted by an expert, what a relief. I would like to first thank Etcetera for all the information you supply, then to say that after such a splendid job, underlay, carpet gripper, neat tidy workmanship; I have every confidence in recommending Paul Marshall for all of your flooring needs.

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